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22 to 24 July, Terra Sangha - Marvão, Portugal


Guided by: Marta Carvalho & Rui Antunes 


:: Dance :: Body language :: Intuitive drawing & painting :: Wellness :: Creativity :: Expression :: Freedom ::


ArteSer Retreat proposes an awakening guided by Art, nourishing the body & soul. An invitation to expand personal art expression and deepen life experience by connecting with intuition, where experimentation breathes without fear.


3 days immersive in nature, with moments of meditation and dancing, lots of colors and textures, sound and silence, magical joy and new discoveries about yourself that only Art can reflect


• This retreat is for you if you wish to:

- Listen your He(Art);

- Open space for self-knowledge, new discoveries and empowerment; 

- Experience Art as an initiation, opening and expansion of a spiritual path into an individual and a collective realm; 

- Connecting with your inner child; 

- Unlock fears and self judgments;

- Deepen your language and aesthetics; 

- Bring creative energy back into your life;

- Feel free in your skin.


* No experience in artistic practice is required!!

* Limited spots : 16 creative souls 


• Line-up •

Day 1 - Opening :: Mirrors of bodies & memories

Day 2 - Release :: Surrender to the poetic pulse

Day 3 - Resonance & integration :: World


• ArteSer 1st edition (April 2022):


• All the information and registrations (prices and form):


• Contacts: or +351 926953319 (Marta)

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