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The farm is worked organically, using permaculture principles and methods. We keep a large vegetable and herb garden and the land itself has much to offer in terms of foraging with an abundance of fruit trees. We have kept the place completely off grid and self sufficient. Water comes from two natural springs on the land and our energy is produced by hydroelectricity, solar and wind.


We have two donkeys, Jericho and Peroli, one pig named Madame Châtaigne after her love of chestnuts, Tejo the cat, Maya the shepherd dog and a flock of chickens. We offer seasonal fresh produce from the farm including olives, olive oil, eggs, vegetables, preserves, honey, fresh bread and plant based remedies. 

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Olive Harvest

If you would like to join us in the olive harvest and pick your own olives for oil come and stay in December/January. For every ten kilograms of olives you hand pick you can take home one litre of this seasons oil. 

Olive picking | Pego Ferreiro | Portugal
Olive Picking | Pego Ferreiro
Pego Ferreiro | Olives | Galegas
Pego Ferreiro | Galegas Olive Harvest | Portugal
Pego Ferreiro | Portugal | Olive Harvest
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