5 day Silent Meditation Retreat 

12-16 September 

5 day Sound Medicine Retreat

18-22 September

Silent Meditation Retreat
September 12-16, 2021

The Natural Arts Association

5 day Silent Retreat with Meditation. We move slowly, we stay silent.  

Silent Retreat supports relaxing the emotional, mental and physical body. When we step into silence we are creating a safe space to process and transform feelings, emotions and thought patterns. Silence and non cognitive structures create space for the arising of Self and observation of thought.


Structure, practices and tools are offered to support the release of unprocessed feelings using meditation and body movement from Tibetan and Oriental principals.  

The body is relaxed and comforted within a natural environment, enhancing the external connection to nature.

As this is a personal experience you are asked to not communicate or distract other guests and to keep yourself primarily within your own auric field, when not at community meditation.

Sand Texture
Sound Medicine Retreat
September 18-22, 2021

The Natural Arts Association

We offer a five day immersive practice to support you to connect with your voice and personal expression in nature. We will share singing, binaural frequencies, drumming, bells, meditation, breath work and yoga. We will create choral soundscapes, we will experience, performing, composing, improvising, listening and the healing effect of sound. We will also explore the benefits of Solfeggio working with different frequencies to create states of vibrational connection.

This year we have four talented vibrational and frequency practitioners, Sharlene Squire, Madeeha Mubarak, Idris De Angeli and Claire Cockburn, with a variety of skills to share. They are gifted ceremonialist and musicians. find out more on website below. All inclusive 5 day Natural Retreat, 3 delicious vegan,vegtarian meals a day, Four Sound medicine practices a day and offerings of participants songs. 5 Nights camp accommodation at a natural healing retreat.

 * Permaculture Design Courses and Internships - 2021 *

with Helder Valente

For more information email us at info@terrasangha.com

1 week stay at the River Lodge. Daily sessions of osteopathy, acupuncture and massage. 3 Meals a day of wholesome, healthy & delicious food prepared lovingly from fresh produce on the land. 



If you are interested in holding a retreat at Terra Sangha please get in touch